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#3 -Positional Play and Coaching in Spain with Kieran Smith

Kieran Smith is another guy I met on twitter but have since developed a friendship with.  You may know him from his writing on Futbol Tactico, his presentation on Rondos and Positional Games (which has thousands of downloads and views), his 10 game analysis of Atletico Madrid, or even his most recent ebook on Rondos (available on Amazon!).

He is a Scottish-born coach that has spent several years coaching at various levels in Spain, including clubs like AD Alcorcon and CE Europa.  He is a proponent of Juego de Posicion (Positional Play) and even hosts educational webinars on the subject.

In this episode Kieran opens up about life as a coach in Spain, his views on the game, the impact Guardiola is having in the UK, and much more!

You can find and connect with Kieran on twitter:  @KieranSmith1

Kieran also blogs occasionally at http://coachkieransmith.blogspot.com/