#14 The #1 thing holding us back – Porter Garrison Terry

This episode is with my good friend Porter Garrison Terry. Porter and I both coach in Oregon and have developed a good friendship over the last several years. We connected initially on social media (twitter), and then crossed paths at the fields on occasion. Eventually, it became a regular occurrence that we would meet up for coffee, or lunch, to discuss a variety of topics relating to coaching and the youth soccer landscape.

We have scouted teams and players together, shared notes, and have both given and sought advice from each other.

Many topics and ideas have been tossed around about how and when I would get Porter on the podcast.

Last weekend Porter and I coached against each other for the first time. Afterwards we went out to lunch. Over an hour later I decided to pull out my phone and record our conversation.

The plan was to do a “Quick Shot”—a short conversation about a very specific topic. It ended up going over an hour. So much for a quick shot. Maybe next time.

On this episode Porter and I talk about the player and coach capacity and how it might be the thing holding most of us back.

This article on Culture and Environment speaks to it a little.

I also like this interview with Greg Vanney after Toronto FC’s 5-1 loss to Eric Wynalda’s Las Vegas Lights the other day in pre-season. It echoes some of the thoughts that Porter and I discuss in this conversation.

You can connect with Porter on twitter @PorterGTsoccer

You can connect with me on twitter @thisguytoph

#13 Saul Isaksson-Hurst

My guest this week is Saul Isaksson-Hurst. Saul is a 1-on-1 technical coach that offers online programming at https://mypersonalfootballcoach.com/ and via his app of the same name.

He is also the host of the 

You can find Saul on twitter @MyFootballCoach

#12 Joey Cascio – balancing family, children, and your commitment to the craft

This week I spoke with Joey Cascio (@SupremacyTF) about our journey as coaches. Balancing our ambitions and commitment to the craft while also being husbands and fathers. We talk about what we have learned along the way and what we wished we had known at the beginning of the process.

Joey can be found on twitter @SupremacyTF

He is currently coaching at FRAM and is a staff member of 3FOUR3